How do I know if I need a new website?

In order to present the most professional appearance, you will want to refresh your site content on a regular basis, and update the look every few years. Think of it like your brick and mortar store or office -- you clean that on a regular basis because you want it to look nice when someone comes to visit, right? Your website is very similar. If it doesn't look good, and present a professional, up to date appearance, you risk your visitor leaving and trying another company before they even give yours a chance. I offer a free checklist that will help you easily assess your site, and decide if it is time for a quick dust, or a really deep clean. Just fill out the form on my home page to receive your free checklist today.

How can I improve my search engine ranking?

Search engine optimization is a complex subject. Rankings are based on complicated algorithms that the search engines use, and change frequently. It is said that Google changes their algorithms 500 - 600 times per year. Some are major updates, like Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon and Mobile, which fundamentally changed how Google ranked and presented their results. Others are small changes that a user might not notice, but could actually significantly impact your web site's ranking. Because of the constantly changing nature of search engine results, keeping up on optimization strategies is a complex undertaking. Your content, keyword or keyphrase selections, keyword density (how often your keywords are repeated throughout your copy), title tags, meta descriptions, incoming links and frequency of content updates all contribute to your search engine ranking, and in order to get to that desired first page of results it takes someone trained in SEO.

How much does SEO cost?

Honestly, it depends on a number of things. How big is your site? Has it been optimized before? Might we be trying to undo prior penalties imposed by Google? How competitive is your particular type of business, from a SEO perspective? How optimized are your direct competitors? I know of some companies in town who charge $2-10K per month for their services, but I can promise you I do not! If you are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can do a preliminary analysis of your site and provide you with a quote before we proceed with any work.

Do you have references?

Yes! Please contact me for references from previous clients or check out our testimonials page for some kind words from our clients. One of the main focuses of Digital Rose is the service and support I provide to all my clients. I take great pride in my work and am proud to report that the majority of my current clients came to me via references from previous employers or clients.

Who owns they copyright for my website - the web designer or me, the company owner?

Legally, I think this question can get pretty complicated. However, it is my personal believe that I design a site FOR my client ON BEHALF of my client. My thinking is that once you have paid for the design, then that is yours to keep or change as you see fit. Ethically, however, I think it is only fair to give credit to the design firm somewhere on the site, and not to reuse or resell the development code. But I don't consider myself as having any rights to my clients overall design or site content.

How much does it cost to get a new website developed?

Honestly, the cost can vary greatly. It depends on the type and size of site you wish to implement, as well as the complexity of the functionality you require and, frankly, the company you choose to hire. For Digital Rose to design and develop a simple brochure-type HTML site, pricing could start as low as $795 for a 5 page web site. Prices go up for larger sites, those that require animations or dynamic content. E-commerce enabled sites would be more expensive due to the extra time and testing required. Please contact me for a free consultation on your project, to get a better idea of potential costs for your particular site.

What if I live in a different city than you?

No problem! The majority of the design, development and revision processes is handled over the Internet anyway, so being able to physically meet is not a critical component to the project. We can talk via the telephone, or "face-to-face" via Skype if you prefer. I also stay in close contact with my clients via email, and all design mockups and development reviews are conducted at your leisure, via your computer and web browser. I have worked with clients located just a few kilometers away and some in another province. I have also worked with a client over 4300 km (2700 miles) away in Portland, Maine, as well as two different clients in the beautiful state of Hawaii, and I am confident that the level of service has been the same for all my clients, near or far.

Do you design logos, too?

Logo design is not my forté, but should you need a new or revised logo, I would be happy to direct you to some very talented graphic designers that I have worked with in the past. Small budget or prefer a more hands-on approach? Check out Logojoy and create your own beautiful, unique logo ideas for your business.

What if I want a content management system (CMS)?

I can help with that too. CMS offers excellent flexibility for individuals or companies who want an easy way to maintain their own website. For the most part, I work with Joomla as it provides a well rounded, stable and cost effective solution - but would be happy to answer any questions you have about CMS and how it could benefit you.

Alternately, if you were interested in CMS only because you think that it is too expensive to have someone take care of your content management for you ... well, you might be surprised. I do offer ongoing site administration services at a reasonable rate, and only charge for the time required to make your changes. If it takes 15 minutes, you are billed for 15 minutes. Click the icon below if you'd like to chat about how I can help keep your site content up to date.

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